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Southport Maritime Art Show
Open for viewing through November 4th!

Franklin Square Gallery opened their inaugural Southport Maritime Art Show today! The show will be available to view through November 4, 2023.  

A maritime art show is focused on our connection to the sea, marine life

(including fish, birds, mammals), boats, ships, seascapes, nautical features

(like lighthouses, docks, marinas, historical images).

Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to all who participated!

Thank you to our judges!

Thank you to our sponsor!



2D Judge: Tony Alderman


1st Place: Robert Huntoon, Sea Sunrise


2nd Place: Rudolf Schiener, Off the Coast


3rd Place: Kim Long, Mallard Creek


Memorial Awards

Dinah Snead Memorial: Betty Franklin Harrelson, Southport Waterfront


Eloise Randolph: Memorial: Mike Caiazza, Shrimp Boats Resting


Rusty Hughes Memorial : Neal Keller, Dawn Patrol


Merit Awards

Anne McElroy,  Bird and Buoys


Merit Award: Caroline Quinn, Forgotten Ladies


Merit Award: Kathleen Durstewitz, Parting Clouds


Merit Award: Diana Vincent, American Treasure


Merit Award: Rachel Sunnell, The Waterfront


Merit Award: Neal Keller, Ghostie


Honorable Mentions

Rudolf Schiener, Environmental Impact


Honorable Mention: Christine Sesta, Summer Dune


Honorable Mention: Audrey Berkowitz, When Clouds Roll In


3D Judge: Tonda Jeffcoat



1st Place: Sharon Vinciguerra, Our Lady of Tempestuous Seas


2nd Place: Michele Field, Jelly Fish Dance                        ,


3rd Place: John Morehead, Mojo


Memorial Awards

Shelley Lesher Memorial Functional, Robin Van Vliet, Fishing 2


Dinah Snead Memorial Decorative, Laura Totten, Origin


Merit Awards

 Rebecca Cleary, Scrimshaw Southern Style


Pam Ingram, Troubled Waters


Honorable Mention

Penny Ormerod, Seasick


Danielle Dunn, Out of the Depths

Franklin Square Gallery

Catalog of Entries - 2D

Charlie Baggett Let Freedom Ring Fine Art Photography $500

Charlie Baggett The Sea Hawk Fine Art Photography $500

Mark Bannerman Golden Doormat Mixed Media $2,975

Mark Bannerman Swim Swim Mixed Media $2,575

Susan Barnard Agent Orange Acrylic $475

Susan Barnard Double Crested Cormorant Photography $125

Audrey Berkowitz Through a Child's Eyes Photography $250

Audrey Berkowitz When Clouds Roll In Photography $120

Debanjana Bhattacharjee Morning at the Beach Gouache $400

Debanjana Bhattacharjee Ebb & Flow Oil $650

Chris Bloom Boatyard Blues Oil $300

Chris Bloom Sailing the Intracoastal Oil $325

William Boone Tranquil Landing Acrylic $350

William Boone Peaceful Sunrise Acrylic $300

Thad Brewer One Step at a Time Photo $225

Caroline Brizzolara Saturday Sail Pastel $575

Caroline Brizzolara Flap...Flap, Flap Pastel $575

Nancy Brown Schooner Margaret Todd Windjammer Colored Pencil $350

Sally Buchanan Forgiven Oil $300

Mike Caiazza Shrimp Boat Oil $950

Mike Caiazza Shrimp Boats Resting Oil $1,200

Mary Carmen Sea Garden 1 Mixed Media $375

Mary Carmen Sea Garden 2 Mixed Media $375

Susan Chandler Sandpiper Trio Oil $400

Carolyn Chester Twilight East Beach Cut Papers $850

Holly Clark-Dull Aww Shucks Acrylic $435

Holly Clark-Dull Till the Tide Turns Watercolor $320

Georgia Dalzell Day at the Beach Acrylic $300

Georgia Dalzell Intracoastal Sunset Acrylic $275

Kathleen Durstewitz Look What's Coming ll Watercolor $295

Kathleen Durstewitz Parting Clouds Watercolor $195

Karin Elias Southport Regatta Oil $450

Karin Elias Golden Hour Oil $800

Allison Fanelli All Tied Up Mixed Media $120

Allison Fanelli By the Light of the Silvery Moon Mixed Media $110

John Gagnon Mystical Moorings Oil $795

John Gagnon Flowers & Figurehead Oil $595

Betty Garbarino The Kayaker Acrylic $350

Betty Garbarino Fishing Boats Mixed Media $550

Sidney Godwin Quiet Patterns Oil $2,800

Sidney Godwin Southport View Oil $2,400

Prentiss Halladay Seascape Acrylic $390

Prentiss Halladay The Girl in the Hat Watercolor $300

Betty Franklin Harrelson A Retired Treasure Photography- Digital $250

Betty Franklin  Harrelson Southport Waterfront Photography- Digital $175

Robert Harris Fair Haven Oil $750

Robert Harris Lockwood Folly River Oil $1,300

Ricki Hiatt Boat Ashore Oil $550

Ricki Hiatt Blue Beauty Oil $400

Robert Huntoon Moonlight Memories Oil $495

Robert Huntoon Silken Sea Sunrise Oil $495

Christie Jacks Big Blue Oil $575

Christie Jacks Yet To Be Acrylic $600

Cathryn Jirlds No Tug Photography $310

Cathryn Jirlds Look Up! Photography $290

Linda Karaskevicus Sunset Reflections Acrylic $450

Linda Karaskevicus Egret at Waters Edge Acrylic $450

Barbara Karkut Blue Watercolor $250

Barbara Karkut Catch Me Mixed Media $150

Neal Keller Dawn Patrol Oil $320

Neal Keller Ghostie Oil $525

Rose Kennedy Starboard & Stern Oil $725

Rose Kennedy Sunset Marina Oil $725

Carol Kidd Entrance Oil $225

Carol Kidd Oak Island Vista Oil $300

Kimberly Kirk Waterfowl Collage $150

Kimberly Kirk Untitled Oil & Cold Wax $100

Cheryl Lee Just a Mermaid Oil $250

Ann Legere Choppy Beach Oil $550

Ann Legere Midnight Beach Acrylic $480

Bett Lewis Nocturnal Tie Up Watercolor $500

Bett Lewis Early In the Morning Acrylic $350

Kim M. Long Mallard Creek Pastel $850

Allie Lull Sunrise on the ICW Photography $225

Allie Lull Early Morning Flights over the ICW Photography $225

Patricia Lyles Ocean Blues Mixed media $200

Patricia Lyles Untitled Mixed Media $200

Marta MacCallum Fish Camp Oil $350

Marta MacCallum Day Dreaming Oil $960

Marian MacKerer Afterlife Oil $600

Marian MacKerer Ocean Bliss Oil $350

Tina Madonia View From Below Oil $950

Tina Madonia Morning Glory Oil $250

Kate Magill Walters The Bird Photography $125

Kate Magill Walters Cargo Sunrise Photography $125

Karen Masterson The Pearls Oil $375

Carol McConnel lDay is Done Acrylic $700

Carol McConnell Nature’s Turn Acrylic On wood $400

Anne McElroy Bird and Buoys Oil $695

Anne McMath Sailing Out Watercolor $350

Anne McMath Pink Sails Watercolor $300

Lee Meadows Captains Quarters Oil $1,950

Lee Meadows Southport Harbor Oil $1,550

Judi Moore Just Waiting Acrylic $400

Judi Moore Waterway Morning Acrylic $560

Jean Morehead Crash! Watercolor $175

Jean Morehead Day at the Beach Watercolor $175

Carolee Morris Lighthouse Icon Oil $275

Carolee Morris Seashell Watercolor $125

Lisa Myers The Living Seas Mixed Media $300

Lisa Myers Dancing with the Stars Mixed Media $400

Vicki Neilon Enlightment Watercolor $350

Vicki Neilon Resting Shrimper Watercolor $275

Christine Neveaux A Bloom of Jellies Watercolor $270

Christine Neveaux Two Seahorses Woven Together Watercolor $450

Andrea OBrien Potter's Buoy Watercolor $200

Andrea OBrien ME WE Watercolor $175

Rich O'Donnell Turning for Home Acrylic $1,800

Rich O'Donnell Rocky Beach Acrylic $599

Lynn Olsen A Little Bit of Heaven Alcohol Ink $525

Lynn Olsen Serendipity Alcohol Ink $475

Ronald Parent Sea Mist Oil $1,200

Karen Parsons Summer's Glow Oil $325

Karen Parsons Skipper & Crusty "What's for Lunch?"Acrylic $400

Judy Pawinski Washed Ashore 3 Mixed Media $300

Judy Pawinski Beautiful Mixed Media $300

Leonard Peters Red Drum Watercolor $500

Leonard Peters Blue Egret Watercolor $500

John Quealy Surf (Abstract)  $130

John Quealy Peaceful Pod Acrylic $65

Caroline Quinn Forgotten Ladies Acrylic $1,200

Caroline Quinn Nightfall at the Pilot House Oil $400

Barbara Reed High Tide in the Marsh Acrylic $625

Barbara Reed Southport on a Rainy Day Oil $300

James Rice Whittler's Chat Acrylic $100

James Rice Boxing Octopi Acrylic $80

Brenda Riggins Calabash Shrimper Acrylic $1,100

Brenda Riggins On the Waterway Acrylic $1,500

Mary Frances Rodriguez Sittin' At The Dock Watercolor $750

Mary Frances Rodriguez Clam Digger Watercolor $125

Paula Ruane Gone Fishing Acrylic $100

Robert Salemme In the Yacht Basin Acrylic $275

Robert Salemme Sunset Regatta Acrylic $275

Rudolf Schiener Off the Coast Watercolor $1,180

Rudolf Schiener Environmental Impact High fired Porcelain $980

Patricia Schiener Waiting Pastel $650

Patricia Schiener Memories of Wilmington Pastel $750

Rick Schneider Fig. 12 Seahorse Mixed Media $1,100

Rick Schneider Fig. 20 Sailfish Mixed Media $1,100

Nancy Schulte Sailing in the Cape Watercolor $350

Nancy Schulte The Big Catch Oil $500

Christine Sesta Summer Dune Oil $1,500

Christine Sesta It’s a Shore Thing Oil $525

Francoise Sivley Regatta Acrylic $350

Francoise Sivley Going off Shore Acrylic $390

Diane Sloan Dunes Watercolor $300

Mary Smith Morning Walk Oil $400

Mary Smith Solitary Fisherman Oil $260

Becky Steele Old Salty Acrylic $300

Becky Steele Old Salt-ee Acrylic $500

Rachel Sunnell The Waterfront Acrylic $1,080

Rachel Sunnell Trifecta Acrylic $300

Kirk Sutton Northend Dune Wrightsville Beach Oil $2,500

Kirk Sutton Sunset Dune Wrightsville Beach Oil $3,500

Carolyn Tabarini Ft. Johnson, Southport, NC Photo, Fabric, Thread (as ‘painting’ medium) $125

Ann Thompson Big Catch Gouache $245

Ann Thompson Oak Island Light Gouche $295

Ortrud Tyler Untitled Oil $675

Ortrud Tyler Untitled Oil $645

Diana Vincent Morning Glow Oil $625

Diana Vincent American Treasure Acrylic $875

Deborah Voso Her Majesty Photography $125

Deborah Voso Marina Décor Watercolor Photography $150

PJ Wachtler Caught Oil $2,500

Paul Zegers Bass Harbor Lighthouse Watercolor $750

Paul Zegers Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Watercolor $750

Catalog of Entries 3D

Kimberly Bandera Birdbath Clay $125

Kimberly Bandera Bowl Clay $125

Thad Brewer Sea Scape Clay $325

Rebecca Cleary Scrimshaw Southern Style Clay $175

Rebecca Cleary Going With the Flow Clay $175

Susan Dieterle Large Oyster Shell Clay $125

Susan Dieterle Matilda Sue Queen of the Chunky Dunking Mermaids Clay $75

Linda Drye Pipeline Crew Clay $595

Linda Drye I've Got my Eye on You Clay $575

Danielle Dunn Fish Sticks Clay Metal Driftwood $180

Danielle Dunn Out of the Depths Clay $65

Michele Field Jelly Fish Dance Fused Glass $695

Michele Field Octopus Clay $295

Betsy Foote Unchambered Nautilus Clay $75

Lisa Giordano Orchid of the Sea Shell sculpture $175

Lisa Giordano Mermaids Rose Garden Other $285

Jacqueline Greiner Platter of Fish Clay $59

Pam Ingram Troubled Waters Clay $250

Mary Beth Johnson Nautical Pitcher Clay $50

Mary Beth Johnson Wave Bowl Clay $75

Mark Krumel Sailing Southport Fused Glass $250

Cheryl Lee Match Dot Com Clay $550

Karen Masterson Princess of the Sea Clay $375

Donna Michaux Caretta Caretta..Loggerhead Sea Turtle Clay $100

Donna Michaux Underwater Safe Haven Platter Clay $90

John Morehead Mechanical Grouper Assemblage/Found Objects $450

John Morehead Mojo Assemblage/Found Objects $485

Emily Noe Cuttle Fish Clay $500

Emily Noe 777 Sea Witch Ave. Clay $500

Penny Ormerod Seasick Clay $200

Penny Ormerod Billy Ocean Clay $150

Gina Poppe Sea Breeze Fused Glass $495

Gina Poppe Living Sea II Fused Glass $550

Cindy Reahm Under the Sea Mixed Media $900

Cindy Reahm Shipwreck Mixed Media $450

Cheryl Rogers Sail Away Clay $525

Cheryl Rogers Anemone Clay $175

Laura Totten Serendipitous Surprise Clay $1,575

Laura Totten Origin Clay $1,750

Robin Van Vliet Fishing 1 Porcelain $125

Robin Van Vliet Fishing 2 $140

Sharon Vinciguerra Pondering my Next Mood Clay $38

Sharon Vinciguerra Our Lady of Tempestuous Seas Clay $100

Patrick Wachtler Another World Oil Red Oak $1,600

Daniel Wils War Helmet Mixed Media $2,500

Daniel Wils Harpoons Mixed Media $2,500

Ginna Zell Out to Sea, Out to See Clay $2,500

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