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We are currently welcoming
new General and Exhibiting Members!

Associated Artists of Southport is a cooperative housed in Franklin Square Gallery which exhibits fine art paintings, pottery and sculpture

and promotes the arts in the greater community. 

We have three categories of membership: General, Provisional, and Exhibiting.  

General Membership  (does not include exhibiting privileges)

  • Has paid annual dues – currently $70/year

  • Will be added to the General Membership roster and email list

  • May attend general meetings of the Association

  • May volunteer to serve on committees

  • May enter judged shows at members’ rate of entry with a reduced commission (25%) on all items sold

  • If Exhibiting Membership is requested, the member will be placed on our Wait List for Provisional Membership until AAS is able to accept new exhibiting members from the general population.


Provisional Membership (leading to Exhibiting Membership)

  • AAS must be able to accept new exhibiting members in the medium of the Wait Listed Member.

  • Must be a Wait Listed General Member

  • Must attend and present samples of their art for review by the Media Review Committee.

  • All pieces must meet Gallery standards including, but not limited to, the following criteria:

2D Painting:  Original art solely conceived and made by a single artist in the medium of paint, ink, graphite, crayon, pastel, charcoal, and paper collage applied to paper, canvas, or wood panel when used as a support.  No copying from any source is allowed.  All art must be signed by the artist.  Please refer to the “Guidelines for Display of 2D Artwork” for additional criteria.

3D Clay:  Original clay pottery and clay sculpture solely conceived and made by a single artist.  No ram-pressed, jiggered, jolleyed, or commercially produced slip mold-poured pieces are allowed.  No copying from any source.  All pieces must be signed by the artist.  Please refer to the Guidelines for “Display of 3D Artwork for additional criteria”.

  • Member has signed the Exhibition Agreement in which the member commits to: 

    • serving on at least two committees 

    • attending at least two general meetings each year 

    • working a minimum of one half-day each month in the Gallery Sales Office at a specified time and day.

  • When the member has been approved by the Media Review Committee, the member becomes a Provisional Member and may go on to Orientation.


Exhibiting Membership

  • Member has completed the requirements of Provisional Membership.

  • Member has successfully completed three or more half-days of Orientation in the Gallery under the supervision of an AAS Orientation member until able to perform all duties including, but not limited to: making sales on the computer, opening and closing the gallery, dealing with the public. 


Upon successful orientation, the member becomes an Exhibiting Member:

  • May now request POS labels and exhibit art in Franklin Square Gallery.

  • Will pay 25% commission to AAS on all sales.

  • Will be added to the Exhibiting Membership roster and receive all emails from AAS.

Should you have any questions, you may email Membership at

Please Click the Link Below to Download an Application

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