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Flowers Exhibition

2024 Spring Art Show

Award Winners

Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show

Congratulations to all the Award Winners!  
Thank you to all our participants!

2D Awards - Kirah Van Sickle, Judge

1st Place:  Nancy Lee - Morning Shower
2nd Place:  Ronald Parent - Woodland Walk
3rd Place:  Sidney Godwin - Changing Season


Merit Awards
Jeanne Rietzke - Lunch In Central Park
Robin Jones - Monet’s Flowers
Linda Karaskevicus - Triple Trot
Suzanne Ellett - The Night Winter Left And Deep In The Marsh Life Awakens


Honorable Mentions
Susan Barnard - The Ladybug Chasers
Leland Selbe - Glen Ferris Falls
Joyce Marks - See The Lemur

Memorial Awards

Dinah SneadMemorial Award: 

Greta Swaim-Mills - Iris

Eloise Randolph Memorial Award: 

Joy Rademacher - Invitation II

Rusty Hughes Memorial Award: 

Rachel Sunnell - Grandmothers Cottage

3D Awards/ Steve Kelly, Judge

1st Place:  Cheryl Rogers - Orb
2nd Place:  Deborah Appleby - Spring Tapestry
3rd Place:  Gina Poppe -

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Merit Awards
Karen Masterson - Breaking Through
Bev Haley - It’s Finally Spring

Honorable Mention Award
Cheryl Lee - Fantasy Friends

Memorial Awards

Dinah SneadDecorative PotteryMemorial Award-

Emily Noe - Mrs. Winterpaw - Owner of "Winterpaws Tiny Hats and Haberdasheries"

Donna Mandell Memorial Award -

Robin Van Vliet - Sea Buds

Shelley Lesher Functional Pottery Award -

Nancy Knapp - Blossom

More Photos Below

Gallery Photos 2024 Spring Show

White Washed Wood

2024 Spring Art Show Catalog of Artists
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Franklin Square Gallery Spring Art Show
Painting by Barbara Karkut

2024 Spring Art Show Dates

February 20 - March 16, 2024


2/20 Show Opens

2/19 & 20 - 2D Workshop with

Kirah Van Sickle

3/1 Awards Reception  5pm - 7pm

3/16 Show Closes

3/17 Pick Up Art 1pm - 3pm

Show Judges

Kirah Van Sickle, 2D Judge

Kirah is a lifelong artist and adventurer at heart. Her paintings and mixed media works are deeply personal expressions, inspired by memory, travel, myth and geology. Kirah is also a dynamic instructor, lecturer, coach and mentor, leading courses directed to both beginner and seasoned artists. She is an award-winning illustrator, graphic designer and studio artist, a certified Golden Artist-Educator, and active in community arts and focus on the preservation of cultural and natural resources. Kirah splits her time between her home on the Cape Fear Coast of NC, and Italy. You can find her teaching throughout the US and Europe.

Steve Kelly, 3D Judge

Steve Kelly b. 1971 is a potter and sculptor based in Wilmington, NC. He is a professor at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington and leads workshops in the US as well as abroad. His work can be seen at numerous American galleries, magazines and most recently in Surface Decoration for Ceramics a book on contemporary ceramic surface techniques. His functional forms range from humble utilitarian vessels to more complex abstract gallery work. His pottery and sculptures center around such questions as what objects and surfaces can tell us about who we are, how we relate to one another, and how we relate to our planet. Steve received his BFA from the University of Montana and MFA from Maine College of Art. Perhaps his greatest education, however, came from his apprenticeship with master potter Trew Bennet in the hills of Virginia. Where, in keeping with the ethos of traditional Asian and American ceramics, he spent countless hours creating vessels that both honor the humble nature of clay and transcend it.

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