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         COVID-19 UPDATE!           

Dear Art Lecture Enthusiasts,

As you all know, the first lecture of 2020 series on Georgia O’Keeffe scheduled for March 18thwas postponed due to the Corona Virus. Little did we know just how bad things would get! I hope this update finds our Art Lecture enthusiasts well and managing with the restrictions presently in place. Clearly, there will be NO April 22 Lecture. At this point, I don’t know when we will be allowed to start the Lectures but I am confident that we will get this series up and running. 

Professor Steffens and I have discussed how to manage the Lectures once we get the “all clear”. The first Lecture  on Georgia O’Keeffe is completely full, and a number of tickets have also been sold for other lectures. We, therefore, plan to start the series, when allowed, with the Georgia O’Keeffe presentation. We shall then continue using the original lecture order and the dates for the particular month. So for example, if we get the go ahead to start in May then the May 20th lecture will be on Georgia O’Keeffe and the June 15th lecture on Manet and Degas. Clearly, some of the lectures originally planned for November and December will not take place. 

I shall keep you updated. So keep well and don’t misplace any tickets you have already purchased,

Best wishes, Tom Izod

2020 Lecture Series Coordinator



This year we are excited to have Professor Hank Steffens back to deliver several art history lectures at the Gallery. 

ART HISTORY LECTURES:  Wed. 5:30-7 pm   

3/18:  Georgia O'Keeffe 
4/15:  Manet and  Degas: Painters of Modern Paris 
5/20:  Monet and Renoir: Impressionist Landscape 
6/17:  Cassatt &  Morisot: Challenging Social Norms

7/15:  Gauguin and Van Gogh: Unique Ways of Seeing

8/19:  Cezanne: Father of Modern Painting 
9/16:  Matisse and Picasso: Creators of New Art 
10/21: Kandinsky and Klimt: Against the Academy 

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    The Franklin Square Gallery is located in the historic district of downtown Southport behind Franklin Square Park.  



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