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Featured Artists for June
Caroline Brizzolara and
Cheryl Rogers 
Gallery Display 5/27 - 6/20

2D Featured Artist for June

Painter, Caroline Brizzolara 

Coming from northern New Jersey, our 2D Featured Artist for June, Caroline Brizzolara earned a B.A. in art from Rutgers University and an M.A. in painting from Montclair State College.
Brizzolara taught high school studio art for two decades. She then returned to school,
obtaining a law degree and followed that career for an equal stretch.

Brizzolara returned to her art career upon retiring and moving to Southport, NC. Working primarily in pastels and acrylics, Brizzolara also experiments with watercolors and photography. An active member of Franklin Square Gallery, she exhibits there, at Leland Cultural Arts Center and Wilmington Art Association shows. Brizzolara has studied with noted figurative painter Joan Semmel, abstract expressionist and figurative painter Miriam Beerman, master lithographer Judith Solodkin, art historian and painter Robert G. Bradshaw, photographer Amy Stromsten, and American poet Adrienne Rich.

Brizzolara says "For me, the act of really seeing makes the thing seen a wonder, and the person doing the seeing, blessed. That’s what I experience when I am painting and it is life-giving. That’s why I do it, and what I hope the viewer experiences when looking at my work."

3D Featured Artist for June

Potter, Cheryl Rogers 

Cheryl Rogers, our 3D Featured Artist for June, took up clay art after 20 years in the design field, transitioning from fashion to functional pottery. Originally from California, Rogers work in the fashion industry included design of children’s clothing.

Today, she creates one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces that are carefully engineered to achieve the right fit, as did her fashion work. Rogers is known as, "Aunt Ducks" to those who work in clay, and those who appreciate its potential.  Her work combines precision and humor and celebrates color. Her attention to the science side of pottery is reflected in the study and testing undertaken with glaze, underglaze, and clay type for each project.

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