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Artist in the Spotlight - December!

Meet Deb Voso!

As a self taught Artist and Photographer I attend numerous workshops and seminars to stay current and informed in both photography and abstract art.  I am an active participant in the Franklin Gallery where my art is on display. Before this career I retired from a 30 year career in the investment field - where creativity was essential in running my own business. 


I love the merging of paints, inks and other mediums to form a subject appealing to the senses.  In photography my mission is to create the essence of the subject.  It is from my vast travel experiences that I have drawn the greatest inspiration, and I have found art to be by far the most meditative and calming experience.


My goal as an artist is to bring to others the ability to be free of the "what is it" and to a place that shouts "oh my, aren't those colors and movement fascinating"; to intriguing "I wonder how she does that"?


This comes from my  passion for all things inspirational in Nature - whether photographing birds, flowers or anything aquatic (beaches/waterfalls). I use nature as my creative source and influence for my art. While nature drives some of my artwork, the movement of paints, resin and inks (also known as fluid art) fascinates me. This confluence of mediums brings endless hours of experimentation.


I have been fortunate to have been inspired by worldwide experiences which have given me a wonderful opportunity to see art expressed thru the eyes and talent of  many others.   

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Friday 12/7/2023
Artist Demonstration:  Fluid Art 
with Deb Voso

Deb says that fluid art is a lot of fun to do!  She'll be doing a demo on fluid art techniques. This includes the use of resin, inks, metals and various acrylic paints.

Let's Get to Know Deb! 

1.      How did you get involved in the local art scene and join Franklin Square Gallery?

That’s a funny story.  We moved here in 2007 after I retired, and our studios were in the lower level of our house. My husband had his wood shop, and I had my art studio.  Since I’d been taking classes, there were lots of paintings lined up along the wall. My husband walked into my studio one day and asked me “What you are going to do with all of these paintings?”  And that got us thinking we might want to look into a gallery.  I liked Franklin Square Gallery and enjoyed the art shows, so I decided to become a member. 

2.      What inspires you and influences your art?

I started out as a photographer. As a little girl I had a Brownie Camera.  You remember those? I learned a lot about values as a photographer.  From there I moved into watercolor and then to doing abstracts.  I really loved abstracts and started researching anything I could to learn more.  I watched YouTube videos and bought books. I followed two women painters in Amsterdam for a while.  I loved all of it.  My main inspiration as a photographer was nature.  I especially liked the ocean and birds the most.

3.      What else inspires you?

Art is a place I can go and my mind can focus just on what I’m creating. It’s very meditative.  When I’m in my studio, I’m in a different world. I play music while I’m creating too. I love listening to Kenny G and jazz.

4.      What do you consider your style?

It used to be abstract.  Now I would say I am more of a multimedia artist.  I use many different mediums, in addition to paint, like ink and resins and now I’m even adding metal to my paintings.

5.      How has your style evolved over time?

It has evolved.   I started with watercolors, then went to abstracts, then I started doing a zentangle type of art and using inks and resins. I even expanded into clocks and jewelry at one point.  I used to make old record clocks.  We sold them at The Artisan.  So yes, it’s evolved a lot.

6. What are the hardest parts of the creating process for you?

Sometimes I just can’t get inspired.  I go down to my studio and think “What do I work on now? I might look at my photographs and get ideas.  Chuckling, I find it frustrating here because I am a colorist, and everybody loves blues here. They like a lots of blue in paintings.  My husband and I love the Southwest, especially around Sedona, so I’m inspired more by the red rocks and golds you find there. Smiling.


6.      What gives you the most satisfaction in your art?

Making a sale!  Laughing.  I love it when I finish a painting and can see it fell together the way I wanted.  And then it sells, and I can see somebody else loves it too!

7.      What would you most like to try in your art?  Is there a new trend or style or medium that intrigues you?

There are still several things I want to try with fluid paint and resins. There are some pours I’d like to try that I haven’t yet, like a pour bloom. I also want to incorporate a little metal. I’d like do a combo of resin acrylics with a band of metal.  Maybe other multi-media options.

9. Do you have some advice for those starting out and/or for those who don't think they can create?

​Everyone is creative. I’d tell them to just try.  Have fun playing with it. Take a local class.  It’s so much fun to just explore and try it for fun.  When I started, I had no clue I would become an artist.  lol

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