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Artist in the Spotlight - October

Hello Nancy Schulte!

I have been painting mainly in watercolor for nearly 40 years. Every year I have taken at least one workshop with famous artists. I have also taught children, adults and Sr Adults because I want to give back and encourage others to be creative. Because I'm a retired RN, mother of 4. grandmother to 6 and wife for 55years, I have many emotional connections and feelings that I like to express. My Faith is important and I'm filled with gratitude which has been magnified by my experience with Cancer last year. I enjoy life and try to help others see the good in this world.

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First Friday 10/6/2023
Artist Demonstration:  "Comparing Mediums" 
with Nancy Schulte

I have painted with watercolor for 37 years. Because I teach others, I want to learn about other mediums so I can encourage students to "sing their own song.” Lately, I have worked with oils and thought the public would like  to  compare similar subject matter using different types of paint.  


Come learn to appreciate all that goes into painting

Let's Get to Know Nancy! 

1. How did you get involved in the local art scene and join Franklin Square Gallery?

Interesting that even before we moved here, I entered the Summer Show at Franklin Square Gallery. We bought property here in 2000 and moved in 2004. I’ve always been a member.

2.  What inspires you and influences your art?

Just the expression of everyday life, people doing ordinary things.  I appreciate the beauty of nature.

3. What else inspires you?

Usually, I like to listen to music.  It’s relaxing and therapeutic.  Helpful to my process. It brings me great pleasure.  Painting keeps me balanced emotionally regardless of what is going on in my life personally.

4. What do you consider your style?

Probably Impressionistic.  I’ve been teaching art for over 30 years.  I developed an art program for kids with cancer at Camp Sunshine. I worked there for nine years.  Those kids taught me to paint what's in my heart.  The elders at nursing homes showed me that too. I always want to help people express themselves by “singing their own song.”

My first love is really watercolors. I love the challenges watercolors bring. They can be soft or dark, realistic or impressionistic.  Although they are much more forgiving now, with magic erasers. I find them to be provocative. 

5. How has your style evolved over time?

People tell me they see my art has really improved over time.  Is my style recognizable?  Oh yes. I think it is. I recently began to follow Eric Rhodes, CEO of PleinAir Magazine. He does a Sunday Coffee section.  He wants to promote art through teaching and videos. This has stirred up an interest in plein air painting.  I take, at best, one workshop a year and have studied with many renowned artists. 

6. What are the hardest parts of the creating process for you?

It’s hardest for me to know when a painting is done. I can look at student’s work and see it easily, but on my own, it’s harder.    


7. What gives you the most satisfaction in your art?

I get the most satisfaction by being able to express myself and bring enjoyment to others.

8. What would you most like to try in your art?  Is there a new trend or style or medium that intrigues you?

Recently, I’m more interested in oil painting.  It’s quicker and easier, I think. I’m getting older and looking around my studio, I see so many things I have collected through the years, from empty canvases, watercolor paper and more.  I’d like to use up everything I have in my studio and put paint on it.  

I’d like to paint some big pieces.  I also like collage. It’s been quite a while since I did that, you know, with tissue paper. You just wrinkle it up and layer it on. It creates a nice texture.

9. Do you have some advice for those starting out and/or for those who don't think they can create?

​I always say, none of it matters.  It’s not a talent people are born with. The more you paint, the better you get. You have to read and study and watch others.  If you want to be great, keep painting.  


I love that everyone sings their own song.  That’s why I loved working with kids and elders.  They aren’t afraid to paint. To play.

I want people to enjoy and appreciate art, whether they are the artist or the observer.

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